Subscription Policy for Accessing Journals and Articles

SciTechnol is an innovative platform that encourages multidisciplinary, peer reviewed international journals committed to promote research in the fields of science and technology. It encourages scientific research by disseminating the researched outcome in vast areas of pure and applied sciences by offering a hybrid publication model that allows the researchers to publish through open access as well as subscription modes.

The model of subscription policy is designed in terms of individual as well as Institutional Policy:


  • Researchers who are not affiliated to an institution, or who would simply like convenient access to a title not available from their library, can take advantage of our personal access options. These options include credit card based transactions on article rental.
  • Individual login for one time valid for 48 hours and only one download allowed. Please refer the chart for Pricing.

For Universities, libraries and institutions: 

  • Institutions, universities and libraries looking for access to get subscription for their employees, students and colleagues can opt for the membership according to their choice.
  • Login is only applicable on single or multiple internet providers of that particular institutions or University or the library.
  • Access to complete Journal for 90 days quarterly, 180 days half-yearly or in annually mode.

The prices are as follows:


















To subscribe kindly fill the online form by clicking the link Online Form

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Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription of the journal is for the electronic version of the articles only. Fulltext of the articles will be provided to the subscribers who subscribes to the journal.
  • Individuals can either pay to get the full-text of article(s) or can subscribe the entire journal. If in case the author chooses to access the articles then he/ she will be provided with a unique credential after the payment which will expire after 48 hours after the first access.
  • Individual can use images/ photographs/ texts/ figures/ tables etc. only after taking the permission from the publishers. Proper attribution should be given to the author and publisher, if any portion of the article is being used by the subscriber. If the subscriber fails to provide any attribution then, it will be a subject matter of copyright law.
  • Individuals/ institutes/ industries can subscribe to more than one journal according to their requirement.
  • In case of institutions and industries, the subscription of the journal(s) shall be provided to the institutional or industrial IP address. Subscription will not be provided to multiple IP addresses.
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